Posted by: sammerz | 22 April, 2012

One Year in Hong Kong!

去年的這天,我們從墨爾本來到香港! Or in English: “A year ago today, we left Melbourne to come to Hong Kong!”

Check out a previous post on why we chose to relocate to Hong Kong.  Time has flown and in this most memorable year yet, we’ve:

  • joined and are actively serving in an awesome Christ-centred, family-oriented, and discipleship-focused church called ICA,
  • had 58 visitors from overseas (some of whom have stayed with us)
  • enjoyed the wondrous food from Food Capital of the world has to offer and have consequently added 86 HK restaurants/cafes to our not-yet-world renowned SGS Eateries Spreadsheet,
  • grown to love the friends we’ve gotten to know at ICA and at our work places and enjoyed celebrating their birthdays, engagements and weddings,
  • taken the opportunity to travel to Thailand, Macau, Xian (China – Sam only), Fukuoka (Japan), DongGuan & FoShan (China), Taipei (Taiwan),
  • learned many new things including (being able to converse somewhat with the locals – Sam, of course; see some of his neat Canto-script), being a teacher (Sam – like his class website?), working in HK corporate (Steph), exploring more intricate cardmaking ideas (definitely Steph!), performing in a drama (both of us!),
  • appreciated convenience (public transport here has a working schedule)
  • survived a Typhoon 8 (which really means “Stay home, people”, but we watched a movie instead)
  • and SO MUCH MORE!

We are really loving it here and our initial “2 year stay in HK” is soon becoming more like 3 now that Sam recently achieved a 3-year visa extension.  Yes, we do miss our family, friends and fresh-air back in Melbourne… but for now, we do know we’re meant to be here for a while!  We’ll end this post with our usual sign off: come visit us in HK! 🙂



  1. it felt like 2 years!

  2. Guys, this is beautiful:) Awesome:)
    Thanks for being such a blessing to Hong Kong

  3. It seems extremely exciting,Sam!

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