Posted by: sammerz | 20 November, 2013


Dear friends, It is with great pleasure that we make the following announcement:


The little one is due on 16th May 2014.

We invite you to participate in a little Guess-the-Gender Contest.  The votes are anonymous, so if you would like to identify yourself with your vote, please do so in the comment section!  We will announce it on Saturday 14th December (our next doctor’s appointment).  One winner from the correct gender will be chosen (using trusty Excel to do the random selection!)  Scroll to the bottom to see if your vote has been officially registered in the contest!

Here are some photos!

SGSbb Guess-the-Gender Contest Registered Votes

Team Mini-Steph (32 votes): Adam L, Adelaide S, Alex L, Andrew F, Ann S, Catie L, Elise L, Fredi M, Henry C, Hildie L, Ida H, James L, Joanne C, Joy C, Joy K, Katrina C, Keng & Lena L, Lee Mei K, Ken Yi F, Kristine S, Marcus L, Micah F, Noah O, Peter & Julie L, Saima A, Sarah ?, SiNing Z, Steph M, Tina T, Vivian S

Team Mini-Sam (30 votes): Adele K, Anita C, Antonio G, Bee Ting C, Betsy L, Billy C, Brenda L, Caleb & Nicole P, Cloris L, Enoch C, Esther L, Giovanna G, Grace F, Happy T, Hazel W, James K, Lydia K, Mark K, Melissa Y, Michael B, Michelle T, Paul & Joy H, Ray & Lisa Y, Tiffany T, Vanessa L, Xing-Kai W, Yvonne S



  1. congrats step and sam 🙂 great news!
    wahaha… voted for girl hehe… :p

  2. i voted boy! nicole xx

  3. Boy!!!

  4. Girl !!! Congratulations !!!

  5. BB boi!

  6. Team mini-Sam it is!!

  7. Has to be a boy for Sam – but whatever it is, huge congrats to you both, very exciting!!

  8. Given the number of ‘y chromosomes’ in both sides of the family, a boy it is! 🙂 congratulations to you both! It will be amazing 🙂

  9. girl! 🙂

  10. Congratulations Sam and Steph! I am going for a boy

  11. Congratulations!we going for a boy,enjoy the happiness of parents to be

  12. Team mini-Steph! 🙂 … Then we can match make her with Timmy hehe!

  13. boy! 🙂

  14. Kristine Sen – Girl! I’m so excited for you guys!

  15. Congratulations ! absolutely BOY…

  16. Girl sweet Girl

  17. Boy sammerz !

  18. […] will announce the winner of this as well as the winner of the previous “Guess the Gender” competition in due course […]

  19. […] is our pleasure to announce the winners of the Guess the Gender and Guess the Date & Weight […]

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