Posted by: sammerz | 25 April, 2014

Guess Selwyn’s Birth Date & Weight!


As Steph reaches 37 weeks, it’s time for another competition! We will collate all the guesses on this post. If you don’t see yours, let us know! Here are the rules and hints:

  • Guess Selwyn’s birth date and weight (in kg – guesses in lbs/oz or other will be converted to kg to 1dp)
  • You must guess before 1st May @ 23:59 or when water breaks (whichever is earlier)
  • Expected Due Date is 16th May
  • Doctor says baby can come anytime from 2nd May onwards (her estimates are 3.3 kg and 12th May)
  • Steph’s guess is 3.4 kg on 11th May
  • Sam’s guess is 3.5 kg on 7th May

We will announce the winner of this as well as the winner of the previous “Guess the Gender” competition in due course 🙂

Note: competition has closed. You may still guess, and it will be recorded at the bottom. Only entries prior to deadline are in the running for the prize!


1st May Leanne H
3rd May Wendy O
4th May Anne T, Cecilia C
7th May SAM
8th May Steph’s Dad, Steph M
9th May Ken Yi F
10th May Giovanna G, June L
11th May Effie P, Nicole P, STEPH
12th May Ida H, Judy S, Steph’s Grandpa
14th May James K
15th May Mandy L, Manna W, Renee C
16th May Iris C, Sam’s Mum
18th May Steph’s Mum


2.4 kg Effie P (5.3lbs)
2.9 kg Renee C (6.5lbs)
3.0 kg Giovanna G (6lbs 10oz)
3.1 kg Anne T (3.13 kg)
3.2 kg Steph’s Dad, James K, Judy S (3.245 kg), Ken Yi F, Manna W (7lbs), Nicole P
3.3 kg Cecilia C (7.2lbs), Leanne H, Steph’s Mum (3.34kg), Steph’s Grandpa (7lbs 5oz), Steph M
3.4 kg Iris C (7.5lbs), June L, Sam’s Mum (7lbs 6oz), STEPH
3.5 kg Ida H (7.8lbs), SAM
3.6 kg Mandy L (8lbs), Wendy O


LATE ENTRIES (no prize)
Evelyn T 5th May, 3.6 kg
Melissa Y 7th May, 3.25 kg
Jeffery T 7th May
Tom L 17th May, 3.4 kg


  1. 3.2kg and date 11 May

  2. 14/5 – 3.2kg 😉

  3. 3.2 kg

    DOB. 8/5/14

  4. 10th May, 3.4 kg

  5. 3.35Kg (7lbs 6ozs) – Sam’s birth weight. D.O.B = 16th May’14 (Sam was born on his due date)!!

  6. 18th May,3.34kg

  7. […] is our pleasure to announce the winners of the Guess the Gender and Guess the Date & Weight […]

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