Posted by: sammerz | 11 May, 2016

Happy 2nd birthday, Selwyn!

Happy birthday, Selwyn!  You’ve grown so much!



  • apple
  • orange
  • banana (sometimes)
  • chocolate
  • ice-cream
  • chips
  • pasta (usually plain)
  • macaroni
  • crunchy cereal
  • nuts and seeds (especially pine nuts)
  • potatoes
  • carrots
  • broccoli (sometimes)
  • cucumber
  • rice with some kind of sauce
  • playing with anything round
  • playing with anything with wheels
  • playing with tunnels (using objects like tunnels, or human)
  • riding on his Globber scooter
  • reading books
  • brushing his own teeth
  • playing hide-and-seek (in obvious locations)
  • cuddles


  • cheese
  • anything too sour (lemon, raw tomatoes)
  • having water poured on his head at bath time

Here are some of the words he can say already, in rough chronological order:

  • ball
  • 奶奶 (milk)
  • wawa (water)
  • daddy
  • mummy
  • baby (referring to other babies and himself)
  • Selwyn*
  • 公公 (maternal grandpa)
  • 婆婆 (maternal grandma)
  • 爺爺 (paternal grandpa)
  • 嫲嫲 (paternal grandma)
  • 舅父 (maternal uncle)
  • 二叔 (paternal 2nd uncle)
  • 三叔 (paternal 3rd uncle)
  • 太公 (maternal great-grandpa)
  • 太婆 (maternal great-grandma)
  • Auntie Salie (our helper)
  • Anna (grandparents’ helper)
  • Tina (grandparents’ helper)
  • bye-bye
  • hello
  • hello ‘body (everybody)
  • yes/no
  • please
  • more please
  • cuddle/kiss
  • poo-poo
  • bath time
  • orrrrrrr (with finger gesture – when someone is naughty, including himself)
  • eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, cheeks, hair, head, shoulders, elbows, hands, fingers, knees, feet, toes, eyebrows, belly, tummy, belly button, bum-bum (some of these in Cantonese too)
  • ABC…Z (yes, he can identify them, though he gets l and I mixed up sometimes)
  • number, 1-20,50,100 (in English, occasionally getting the teens mixed up)
  • 1-10 (in Cantonese)
  • red, blue, orange*, yellow, green, purple, pink, black, white, brown* (he can identify various shades of colours)
  • 1/2/5/10-dollah (dollar)
  • 10/20/50-cents
  • book-book time (when it’s time to read books)
  • wa-walk (walk/follow me)
  • this way
  • this one (usually referring to breast-feeding)
  • sun, moon, stars, tree, flower, sunflower
  • dog, cat, monkey, duck, cow, lion, elephant*, fish, turtle, giraffe, gorilla, crocodile, lizard, kangaroo, mouse, buffalo (referring to the football brand)
  • teddy bear, robot, doll, dinosaur, toys
  • apple, pear, grapes, orange, lemon, corn, carrot, potato, tomato, broccoli, vegetables
  • burger, chips, juice, chocolate, nut-nut
  • bus, car, train, truck*, van, helicopter, boat, airplaine, bicycle, motorbike, scooter
  • cool/hot
  • escalator*/lift*
  • upstairs/downstairs
  • upside-down
  • swing/see-saw/slide
  • tunnel/bridge
  • escalator/upstairs/downstairs
  • ceiling/floor/door/window
  • star*/sun/moon
  • rainbow
  • circle/triangle*/rectangle*/square
  • hat/shirt/pants/jacket/socks/shoes
  • earring/no earring (referring to my ears)
  • big/small
  • pray-pray
  • FAH-LORT (Father Lord)
  • amen
  • falami (family)
  • Thomas (referring to Thomas the Tank Engine)
  • Diesel, Edward, Gordon, Henry, Luke*, Millie, Paxton, Percy, Salty, Samson, Scarloey, Spencer, Stephen, Toby (these are Thomas the Tank Engine characters)
  • hammer/piano/guitar/da-gu (play drums)
  • good/very good/good job
  • pick it up
  • windy
  • wake up
  • uh-oh
  • oh-no
  • no-no
  • okay?
  • mmhmm (with nod)
  • in the middle (while bringing his pillow, crawls over mummy to sleep in between)
  • sorry (instead of “hurt” when he bumps into something)
  • what to do? (with gesture – after an accident)
  • ommygawwwsh (OMG)
  • nobody okay? (when asked who taught him OMG)

*has a different way of pronouncing words (‘tar instead of star) and we won’t mention the truck one 😉

Here are some of the songs he can sing (mostly):

  • Mr Sun
  • ABC
  • Twinkle, twinkle, little star
  • 1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a fish alive
  • B.I.N.G.O.

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