Posted by: sammerz | 26 April, 2018

7 years in Hong Kong!

Well friends, we’ve finally made it to 7 years since we relocated from Australia.  In that time, our marriage has grown stronger and we’ve been blessed with 2 handsome and cheeky boys with very different personalities.  Though Hong Kong has become a permanent home for us – home is where our family is, and wherever God takes us.  For now, we feel it’s best for all us to settle here for a few more years – and perhaps head back Down Under for the kids’ latter years of education.

Milestones over the past year

Here’s the summary of milestones categorised into celebrating memorable moments, spiritual growing and church involvement, travelling, exploring and experiencing, working and living in HK:

  • 29/04/17 Sam participated in his 3rd Spartan Race
  • 07/05/17 Sam and Steph mentored a team of St. Paul’s Convent School students in creating an app and business model in the Technovation Challenge. The girls won the Senior Division in Hong Kong and got tickets to participate in the Global Pitch Summit in Silicon Valley! Click here to read about the team’s journey.
  • May 2017 Celebrated Selwyn’s 3rd birthday
  • July 2017 Sam finishes 3 years at St. Paul’s Convent School 
  • 01/08/17 Shaun was born!
  • August 2017 Sam starts a new job at Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School
  • 30/09/17 Sam was scratched (superficially, thank God) by a monkey – only a month into the new job on Monkey Hill!
  • 07/10/17 Attended David & Esther’s Wedding
  • October 2017 Celebrated Shaun’s 2.5 months and Steph’s birthday on the same evening
  • October 2017 Sam’s bro Isaac & Lana’s son (and Sam’s nephew), Jacob Ezekiel Leong, was born!
  • November 2017 Travelled to Melbourne, Australia (Sam & Selwyn for a week, Steph and Shaun for a month including Brisbane)
  • 05/11/17 Attended Sam’s bro Elisha & Amy’s wedding!
  • 09-11/11/17 Sam travelled to Beijing, China, for IB Workshop
  • Late November 2017 Selwyn is officially off diapers, woo!
  • 26-30/12/17 Travelled to Bangkok, Thailand
  • 07/01/18 Shaun was dedicated to God at ICA
  • 21/01/18 Sam participated in his 4th Standard Chartered Half-Marathon (PB: 2:44’09”)
  • 24/02/18 Sam, Steph and Selwyn travelled to Macau for a day trip
  • 31/03/18 Sam’s first hike on Lion Rock
  • April 2018 Selwyn finally slept in his own room, for 3 weeks in a row, and counting….

Statistics since relocation (past year in brackets):

  • 296 visitors (+10)
  • 35 trips out of HK (+4)
  • 26 weddings attended (+2)
  • 28 weddings missed (+4: sorry Wing Hong & Sam’s cousin Ee Jia, Oliver & Natazia, Seth & Carmen, Jason & Tze Shin)

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