Posted by: sammerz | 26 April, 2021

10 YEARS in Hong Kong!

Bubble Bath!

Playrooms are opening up again – this is a quiet (and clean) one in Tsuen Wan.

Today marks our 10th anniversary since relocating from Melbourne! We have officially worked longer in Hong Kong than in Melbourne! We have continued to thrive (survive?) through ever-changing circumstances thanks to COVID-19!

Entry stamp at Hong Kong Immigration

I had to go through a 1-year followed by two 3-year visas to eventually qualify for PR.

10 is also the number of years Sam has been teaching and so he has taught longer than consulted in the engineering world.
9 is the number of eggs the female beetle has laid recently and the larvae are growing. Yes, we have a male and a female stag beetle!
8 is the underwear size big Shaun wears even though he’s only 3.5!
7 is how old Selwyn will be next month – wish we can invite his friends!
6 is the number of baby teeth Selwyn has lost so far
5-figures was how much it cost to finally buy an electronic drum set for Selwyn though he has been learning for 2.5 years!
4 is the number of schools Sam has worked at
3 is the number of places Steph has worked at (in Hong Kong)
2 is the number of mortgages we have in Australia because we can’t afford to buy here
1 is how we as a family need to stick together through COVID and through whatever else the world throws at us

Once again, here are our highlights – in some ways it’s a special edition since all these were done under varying degrees of restrictions:

  • May 2020: Selwyn turned 6
  • June 2020: Shaun tried learning Judo… however after a few sessions, sports clinics were shut down
  • August 2020: Shaun turned 3
  • August 2020: Selwyn began Primary Year 1 (over Zoom initially)
  • September 2020: Shaun began Kindergarten 1 (over Zoom initially)
  • 10/10/2020: Stephen & Stephanie in Melbourne (over Zoom)
  • 19/02/2021: Brenda & David in Hong Kong (over Zoom)
  • 09/12/2020: Celebrated Steph’s parents’ 40th Anniversary
  • Around December 2020: Shaun overtook Selwyn in terms of weight
  • 07/03/2021: Celebrated Sam’s parents’ 40th Anniversary
  • April 2021: Both Steph and Sam received the first dose of the COVID vaccination

Statistics since relocation (past year in brackets):

  • 352 visitors (+0 thanks to COVID)
  • 45 trips out of HK (+0 again, thanks to COVID)
  • 36 weddings attended (+2, both via Zoom)


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