Posted by: sammerz | 04 February, 2007

Random Morning

The plan was to have breakfast with Steph at 8:30am this morning. However I managed to conveniently score myself a tyre puncture. What happened was that at Ringwood, there was a merging of two lanes after the overhead railway bridge. Before the merge, while there was still two lanes, a 4WD was on its way to merging into the left lane I was currently occupying. In avoiding him, I hit the kerb with enough force to tear a 2-inch gash in the tyre and bend the alloy rim, like a nasty bite mark on a coin. After a quick call to Steph explaining my situation, she detoured and arrived to see me. The wait for the RACV was short. A quick change of tyres to the ugly spare, and we were on our way to Glen Waverley.

We had a nice breakfast at Mocha Jo’s (Coco Lounge was full already!) and before the 11:15am service, we decided to stop by at a park on the way to church. There was a baseball club beside the reserve and we sat down in the shade to watch the final 10 minutes of a baseball game comprising of primary school aged children. The winning team’s (Wildcats) bench was right in front of us and their American (because of his accent) coach was very, very encouraging:

  • “<name>, what you did out there was fantastic. All you did was do what you’ve always practised and you did it well.”
  • “It starts in the mind. Now, what was going through your heads when two bases were filled?”
  • “That was an awesome play, <name>. You listened to me during practice, and you followed it through. Well done.”

This was a lesson particularly for me. I’m learning to be fruitful in the words that I speak, and it took God to use this coach to tell me to be encouraging and positive in my words.


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