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We would like to announce that our second son will be named:

Shaun Chung Him Leong

In Chinese, it is:


Some pronunciations:
  • Cantonese: Leung4 Chung6 Him1
  • Putonghua/Mandarin: Liang2 Song4 Qian1
  • Malaysian/Hokkien: Leong Siung Chien
Like Selwyn, our desire is for Shaun to life a life that glorifies God and he pursues all that God has called him to be.  Our prayer is for him to grow strong, healthy, full of God’s wisdom and blessing.

Why Shaun?

Shaun is originally Irish and means:
  • God is gracious
  • Gift from God
We live our lives to be more like God’s Son, Jesus.  Jesus is the epitome of God’s grace, and He is God’s gift to us.  Likewise, Shaun will be a reminder of God’s grace for us and he is a gift for our family.

Why 頌謙?

The two Chinese names come from 頌 (which means praise) and 謙卑 (which means humble).
Praise the LORD! Praise the LORD, O my soul.
I will praise the LORD as long as I live;
I will sing praises to my God while I have my being.’ – Psalm 146:1-2 (ESV)
Good and upright is the Lord;
therefore he instructs sinners in the way.
He leads the humble in what is right,
and teaches the humble his way.
All the paths of the Lord are steadfast love and faithfulness,
for those who keep his covenant and his testimonies. – Psalm 25:8-10 (ESV)
我還在世上的時候,我要歌頌我的神。』- 詩篇 146:1-2 (CNV)
『 耶和華是良善和正直的,
耶和華都以慈愛和信實待他們。 』 – 詩篇 25:8-10 (CNV)
We pray that Shaun’s name will be a reminder for all of us to live a life of praise and humbleness – a life that honours and glorifies God.

Other cool facts

  • 頌 is Steph’s middle name.  (Selwyn and Sam share the same middle name, 信, which means “faith”.)
  • “頌 Him” looks like “praise Him”
  • “Shaun” sounds almost like “shone” (光亮) which is in Sam’s name (光信).
  • Shaun as in “Shaun the Sheep”, not “Sean Connery” or “Shawn Mendes” 😉
We appreciate your love, support and prayers for baby Shaun! 🙂
2017-03-30 Morphology
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6 years in Hong Kong!

Today marks the 6th year since we left our Aussie jobs and took a leap of faith to Hong Kong.  What began as a “2 year test run” has now become rather permanent.

Last year we mentioned that we hoped to have another child – and so we will!  Though not a girl as we originally hoped for, but God has answered Selwyn’s prayer for a little brother!  Coming soon: some time in mid-August!

Milestones over the past year

Here’s the summary of milestones categorised into celebrating memorable moments, spiritual growing and church involvement, travelling, exploring and experiencing, working and living in HK:

Statistics since relocation (past year in brackets):

  • 286 visitors (+29)
  • 29 trips out of HK (+5)
  • 24 weddings attended (+4)
  • 24 weddings missed (+2: sorry Samuel&Melissa, Fred&Veronica)
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Bug 2.0

We’re very excited to announce that Selwyn will have a baby brother! #S4family 

Posted by: sammerz | 08 February, 2017

Bug or Baguette?


It’s guessing game time again!  Do you think it’s a bug (BOY) or baguette (GIRL)?

Submit your vote at – poll closes when we find out (around this weekend!)

Posted by: sammerz | 28 January, 2017

We’re upgrading!

We’re happy to announce that we will soon be upgrading from #S3family to #S4family!

Steph is now 12 weeks pregnant and the expected due date is 13th August 2017!


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Sam’s #HKburger list – May 2016

This is my current list of favourite burger shops, with my favourite burger from each one. Some seasonal specials I enjoyed are listed in the honourable mention section.  Bon apetit!

Read More…

Posted by: sammerz | 11 May, 2016

Happy 2nd birthday, Selwyn!

Happy birthday, Selwyn!  You’ve grown so much!


Read More…

Posted by: sammerz | 26 April, 2016

5 years in Hong Kong!

It’s been 5 years since we made the decision to relocate to Hong Kong.  We’ve resigned to the fact we would try our best to post this annual update (which is quite a task in itself) to somehow keep this blog alive… and hopefully add some sporadic posts too.

Let’s start with some Frequently Asked Questions people have been asking during this season…

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Donate Your Birthday

I had the pleasure of being a part of a promo video produced by The Vine to raise awareness of and to support refugee families residing in Hong Kong.  Instead of receiving gifts on your birthday, why don’t you fund-raise on behalf of the marginalised and needy?

“In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ” Acts 20:35

If you are able to help out, donate by clicking here.  Big thanks to all cast and crew as well as family and friends for your support!

Donate Your Birthday Promo 2 from The Vine on Vimeo.

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Selwyn is 1!

It’s 15 minutes past midnight and today Selwyn has officially turned 1!  We cannot be more blessed with this amazing bundle of joy, cuteness and cheekiness!  We thank God for His love for us and perhaps the biggest lesson we have learnt (and are still learning) is the measure of God’s love for us.  We love Selwyn for who he is, not for what he has achieved… God loves is in a similar way, just on an immeasurably greater scale!

This video was shown at Selwyn’s early party celebration a couple days ago.  It was taken at a photo-shoot back in February…. he was only 9 months then… and since then he has changed quite a lot (like his crawl doesn’t look as haphazard!)  Please enjoy!

Selwyn Family Photoshoot by FACE from Sam Leong on Vimeo.

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