Posted by: sammerz | 27 May, 2016

Sam’s #HKburger list – May 2016

This is my current list of favourite burger shops, with my favourite burger from each one. Some seasonal specials I enjoyed are listed in the honourable mention section.  Bon apetit!

#1: Beef & Liberty | Bacon cheese | HKD125 | 9.40/10

“beef, ogleshield cheese, Wicks English bacon, bacon jam, pickles, house BBQ sauce”


#2: Butchers Club | The Hogtown | HKD160 | 8.76/10

“dry-aged beef patty topped with classic pulled pork, Canadian peameal-style bacon, pickled shallots with thyme, sharp honey mustard and smoked gouda”

20160526_185218_OPX_ss Butchers Club, The Hogtown

#3: Burgerman | Trucker Burger | HKD72 | 8.37/10

“…with lettuce, onion, tomato, double cheese, double bacon, fried egg, sauteed fresh mushroom, sauteed fresh onions”


#4: The Chop House | BBQ beef, bacon & cheddar | HKD170 | 7.56/10


#5: Eight Grand | Swiss bacon burger | HKD148 | 7.47/10

“Angus beef patty with crispy bacon, frizzle cajun onion with tartar and cocktail sauce with lettuce, tomatoes and onion served on a sesame seed bun with truffle aioli and frites on the side”

20151112_180644_OPO Eight Grand, Swiss Bacon Burger

#6: Burger Circus | #3 The circus burger | HKD80 | 7.44/10

“5 oz beef patty, Wisconsin cheddar, lettuce, tomato, Circus sauce”


#7: Burger Joys | Single burger (+bacon) | HKD98 (+12) | 7.27/10

20151211_134312_OPO Burger Joy's, Single Burger+bacon

#8: Big Fernand | Le Bartholome | HKD135 | 7.24/10

“beef, Raclette de Savoie cheese, pork bacon, caramelised onions, chives, BB Fernand (home-made BBQ sauce), and Tata Fernand (home-made cocktail sauce)”


#9: Texas Burger | The Texas BBQ Burger | HKD83 | 6.69/10

“6 oz beef patty, baked crisp bacon, deep-fried onion ring, lettuce, cheddar cheese, signature smoked Jalapeno BBQ sauce”

20151215_123539_OPO Texas Burger, The Texas BBQ Burger

#10: burgeRoom | Bacon cheese burger | HKD80 | 6.49/10

“bacon, cheddar cheese, beef patty, peeled tomato, romaine lettuce and homemade sauce”

20160524_182551_OPX_ss Burgeroom, Bacon Cheese Burger


Honourable mentions:

Beef & Liberty | The Curly Pig | HKD122 | 9.58/10

“A succulent patty of Mangalica pork, ground fennel, garlic ginger, and onion. Served with lemon dressed mizuna leaves, crispy pancetta, apple slaw, and pickled fennel.”

Seasonal special, 3rd May – 3rd July 2016


Butchers Club | The Italian Job | HKD140 | 9.14/10

“Fassona beef patty from Piedmont with guanciale-wrapped raschera cheese, tomato and mayo with homemade salsa verde.”

Seasonal special, December 2015


Butchers Club | #BEASTCODE | HKD130 | 9.14/10

“Spiced lamb burger with seared halloumi, pickled zucchini tempura, preserved lemon aioli, micro cilantro and fresh mint”

Seasonal special, May 2016

20160522_222947__OPX_IG Butchers Club, #BEASTCODE (s)

Stone’s | Burger #3 | HKD122 | 8.64/10

“U.S. prime beef patty, crispy onion ring, crispy bacon, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, BBQ sauce, pickle”

Stone’s has closed permanently, May 2016



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