Posted by: sammerz | 16 September, 2007

Oxygen Camp

Just came back from camp over the weekend.  Boy, was it a busy week!

  • Wednesday: Encounter
  • Thursday: Life Group Leaders Summit
  • Friday – Sunday: Oxygen Camp!

…that was more than the week’s social activities being church-related!  There was going to be an Epic/Oxygen meeting scheduled for 4pm-6pm on Sunday as well, but that was cancelled.  I guess it was scheduled before the date of the camp was settled.

The theme for the camp this year was Mind, Heart and Soul.  Fittingly, we had three guest speakers for each topic.  Tim Goh spoke on the Mind, Helen Molyneux spoke on Heart and Corey Turner spoke on Soul.  Tim preached his token message about The Power of an Idea.  I’ve come to realise each preacher has their token message.  This was the 3rd time I’ve heard Tim preach – and the 3rd time it was about this topic.  But somehow the latter half of his message was different, each time relevant to the event.  “Wholeheartedly” was the keyword from Helen’s message – that we ought to be intentional about everything we do.  And when we do it, we have to put our whole heart behind it.  Corey’s message was about “Living in the Supernatural Naturally” – learning how to be in tune and in constant communication with the Holy Spirit.  Steph received a word from Corey when he spoke at one of our Encounter meetings.  She had the chance to ask Corey what he meant by “Apostolic Anointing”.  Although he couldn’t remember the context, he gave some good pointers as to what it means:

Apostolic Anointing

  • Ability/capacity to pioneer new works
  • Ability to create vision
  • Ability to ground people in truth – new “baby Christians” – establishing/laying foundation
  • Disciple people
  • A sending-out ability:
    • Personally going on missions/trips
    • Sending people out to do things, e.g. plant churches
  • An example may be an owner of an IT company, sending out skilled employees.
  • Expansion into other countries – an international theme upon your life.
  • Some good books to read:
    • The Apostolic Anointing” – Rick Joyner
    • Apostles and Prophets” – Peter Wagner
    • Moving in the Apostolic” – John Eckhardt [highly recommended]
    • Day of the Saints” – Bill Hammond

A memorable thing was when Dan was speaking at the final session this morning… I managed to stay on the keyboards for a solid 2 hours, tinkling away.  Jason Home’s 2-day-old digital piano was pretty awesome… known for his amazing talent to play almost anything animated to reflect the speaker’s words, he gave a quick high applause when I tinkled a Chinese tune when Dan mentioned Asians!  2 hours – most of it in D major – reminded me of camp 3 years ago when I pretty much did the same thing.  Haha… was getting a little tired in the end and began to “weight transfer” from one leg to the other. =P

Oh and yes – today SGS is 9 months!!  We had a quiet dinner on the way back from camp – we were super tired!


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