Posted by: sammerz | 29 July, 2008

Interstate Shuffle

Here’s how I clocked up 3200 Frequent Flyer points in the last few days…

After my flight back to Melbourne on Friday, I was offered a chauffeured service –  his black Holden Caprice was much more luxurious than the yellow Fords. At that time, he was meant to pick up a customer, but their flight was delayed a few hours. Today I asked for his help for the trip back to the airport – and at $140, it was about $15 more than the standard taxi.

After a super-rough landing in Perth due to the heavy rain and cross-winds, the passengers had to wait inside the aircraft while paramedics boarded. One passenger fell ill and was taken to hospital. As I disembarked and collected my baggage, my phone buzzed non-stop: there were three voicemails! I had been summoned back to Melbourne to work on the Boddington Electrical Estimate for about a fortnight! They wanted me back in Melbourne, just as I got to Perth! So I drove to the Perth office and got one of the admin assistants to help make the necessary bookings. As I am typing this, I am staying in this apartment overnight and then catching the first flight (6:10am) back to Melbourne. Let’s see where this goes… I also arranged for a hire-car during my time in Melbourne – after all my car is here in Perth! Woohoo! I get to see Steph a bit more! Hehe…. Oh and yeah, I’m clocking up more Frequent Flyer points…

So in summary, my last few days looked like this:

  • Thu 24/07/2008 11:30pm (WST) – scheduled departure from PER airport
  • Fri 25/07/2008 12:00am – actual departure
  • Fri 25/07/2008 5:00am (EST) – arrival at MEL airport, took chauffeured taxi home
  • Fri 25/07/2008 6:00am – arrived home, went to sleep
  • Fri 25/07/2008 10:00am – watched “Children of the Silk Road” with Mum (great movie!)
  • Sat 26/07/2008 – went to church, celebrated my 25th… woo!
  • Sun 27/07/2008 – brunch, lunch – heaps of catch ups, dinner with Steph’s family
  • Mon 28/07/2008 10:00am – chauffeured taxi to airport
  • Mon 28/07/2008 12:30pm – departed for Perth
  • Mon 28/07/2008 2:30pm (WST) – arrived in Perth…. now get this: 3 voicemails on my phone. They wanted me in the Melb office urgently to do some work
  • Mon 28/07/2008 4:00pm – arrived in Perth office, got the admin assistant to organise a hotel room for the night and flight back the next day (I need rest – no way I was flying immediately!)
  • Mon 28/07/2008 5:30pm – hotel and flights confirmed
  • Mon 28/07/2008 6:30pm – checked into hotel
  • Mon 28/07/2008 8:30pm – dinner with Andrew, Vianny, Like, Daniel
  • Mon 28/07/2008 10:30pm – back to hotel, heaps of email, sleep
  • Tue 29/07/2008 4:30am – woke up, got ready, went to PER airport
  • Tue 29/07/2008 5:15am – got to the check in desk, found that the travel agent booked, but did not issue the ticket!
  • Tue 29/07/2008 5:45am – called the travel agent’s emergency number, got the ticket issued, checked in
  • Tue 29/07/2008 6:10am – scheduled departure from PER airport
  • Tue 29/07/2008 7:30am – actual departure
  • Tue 29/07/2008 12:30pm (EST) – arrived at MEL airport
  • Tue 29/07/2008 1:30pm – arrived at Melb office (hehe – got a hire car), got briefed on what to do, got a workstation organised, started working, etc.

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