Posted by: sammerz | 11 September, 2008

Proposal Plan

I’ve started planning how I’m going to propose to my dear, dear Stephberry!  The following is an extract from an email I finally sent to my family, as well as James and Lee-Mei today:

Email Title:  Operation Weinberger [TOP SECRET – not to be disclosed]

Hi all!

Please take caution in replying to this email.  This is NOT to be revealed to anyone outside of those receiving this email – ESPECIALLY STEPH!!

Ben and Annie Chia knows about this, which I have notified in a separate email.

Note that I will reveal this to other close friends who are too far (by distance or by friendship) to spoil the surprise (i.e. some here in WA) and WON’T leak a secret (even unintentionally!)

However, as far as you guys are concerned, please keep it within this circle and assume no one else knows.

Ok, now the disclaimer’s away.  Here’s the GRAND PLAN on what I’ll call Operation Weinberger.  Why “Weinberger”?  Well, there is a Harvard Fellow named David Weinberger who published an obscure article on “The Question of Questions”  (  His articles are rather philosophical, but I’d rather not delve further into them.  To the matter at hand: I’m about to ask Steph my “Question of Questions” very soon….


The proposal will occur on the morning of Sunday 26th October 2008.  This day is her birthday.  Now, just a word of caution: if you do intend on calling her and wishing her congratulations (this, of course, provided she says ‘yes!’) on the day, please do so after noon!  There’s nothing worse than someone calling her – just before I pop the question!  Now, this is a surprise I don’t want spoiled!


Now, a misleading rumour is spreading in the CityLife arena to “expect something to happen around Christmastime.”  This is only partly true.  Fact is, we are planning to have our engagement party on Saturday 27th December.  Obviously, Steph knows this date (because her father will be planning to fly back) – and so naturally, she’ll be thinking I’ll propose soon after Friday 19th December (when I’m back for 2 weeks), or even on my November 22/23 return.  Hopefully, proposing on her birthday would surprise her.  (Yes, despite how much she had been probing, she still wants a surprise!)  Because it’s her birthday, that’s reason enough for me to take her around in the morning!

Now, for the plan itself….

SCOUT DAY – Saturday 27th September

This is the weekend I’m back for my R&R (rest and recouperation) weekend.  The plan is to take James and Lee-Mei to the Botanic Gardens in Melbourne to scout a good location for me to pop the question.

PROPOSAL DAY – Sunday 26th October

Now, I’m planning to give Steph a camera and telephoto lens for her birthday.  A few things need to happen:

  • I would give Steph the camera as her birthday present, but without the telephoto lens.
  • I would take her to the Botanical Gardens, and with her new camera, she would take some scenic photos (using her existing lens).
  • Somehow I would like James to use the telephoto lens with her old camera to take the snaps from afar(so the switch has to happen beforehand).
  • James and Lee-Mei will be setting up a morning tea picnic at the Botanic Gardens – while James moves to the vantage point to take the snaps, Lee-Mei will stick around to mind the picnic and hide when we approach (she’ll probably also need to explain to passerbys what’s happening)
  • Once I pop the question (and if she says yes), then James and Lee-Mei will join us for further activities on the day.

Plan B

  • In the unlikelihood she says no – TBC
  • In the likelihood of rain – pray beforehand. It may spoil the surprise though… but I haven’t thought that far ahead….


Mum, Dad, Zack, Elisha – if you have suggestions, please reply to this email….. would love to hear your thoughts too!

James and Lee-Mei – thanks in advance for helping me on this!!!  Feel free to add/subtract too!

Operation Weinberger…. here we go! =P

<end of email>


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