Posted by: sammerz | 02 February, 2008

Surprise Trip for the Boys

My dear Stephberry together with Lee-Mei were plotting something for me and James – and we just couldn’t put the finger on what it was.

I went to Steph’s place at 9am and she drove us to James’ place.  There we met Lee-Mei outside his place.  A few minutes later the four of us were headed to a nearby McDonalds for breakfast.  (Note: this was the first time this year I had a Maccas meal.)   A one-and-a-half hour trip followed where James and I were busy playing around with a Rubik’s Cube whilst Lee-Mei and Steph were chatting up the front.  Before we reached our destination, James and I were told to shut our eyes.   Steph parked her trusty Lavender Golf and us two boys were led to the entrance.  Upon entering the premises we were told to open our eyes and behold it was the Adventure Park in Wallington (just past Geelong, towards Queenscliff). I’ve never seen nor heard of this place before – and it was a fantastic surprise.  I don’t even recall seeing it as we actually drove past it on our Day Around the Bay Trip.  I then looked in my backpack and my bathers and shorts were already packed in there. Somehow Steph asked Elisha to pack it for me the night before. Elisha then asked me to bring the backpack along today but not to look into it. I knew something was up, but decided not to think too much otherwise I would’ve spoit the surprise.

The four of us spent the whole day at the park and I must say the highlight was the Aqua Racer, a 6-laned water slide. James won by half a body length when we first tried it out.   One of the guys who also raced with us technically finished first, but had a false-start, so I settled for 2nd place with Steph and Lee-Mei placing 3rd and 4th. Other activities included archery, mini-golf (somehow they need to fix the boundaries – the balls keep flying off the course!), and tube-slides. Interestingly, we spotted some full-length hijab-clad Muslim women who actually went on the tube water slides… never knew there were swim-suitable hijabs!! Still the park had many, many other interesting activities we didn’t try: canoeing, aqua-cycling, go-karting, jumping “castle” (which was shaped more like a large square cake), and a mini-train ride around the park. Finally, we had one more go at the Aqua Racer and this time I finished at 1st place, three body lengths ahead of James hehe!   Oh, and for the first time in a long while I enjoyed a Paddle Pop ice-cream to finish off the day!

Big thanks for Lee-Mei and my dear dear Stephberry for organising this! =)


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