Posted by: sammerz | 17 March, 2008

Shall I Go?

I guess Steph being away has allowed me time to focus and pray about my decision: shall I go?  I sent out an email to my close friends:

Sam’s Possible Relocation

Hi everyone…

I’ve started up a new mailing list.  I’ve included a whole lot of names in this mailing list either because I know you’re praying for me right now, have prayed with me sometime in the past week, or actually do need to be updated what’s happening!  Having said that, please let me know if you wouldn’t like to receive the update emails (no worries… I’ll just do a “let you know what happens” in the future type thing).

To those whom I have not yet broken the news, here’s the synopsis:

  • On Thursday during lunch-time the Regional Engineering Manager approached me with an offer.
  • The position: “Controls Systems Interface Engineer”
  • Duration: One year
  • Expected start time: ASAP, but I’ve suggested end-of-April
  • Relocation benefits: return trip to Melbourne every 3rd weekend – I’m hoping for every fortnight.

Now the question: to go or not to go?

In Melbourne…

  • Continue with Electrical Engineering – uncertainty: workload in the electrical discipline after April
  • Coaching (5 Life Groups, including2 “Level 2” coaches) and Oxygen International! These I’ve only just started this year!
  • Relationship accountability… there are a lot of couples in Oxygen who need wise mentoring/counselling to bring about godly r’ships
  • Steph!

In Perth…

  • I’ll be working in the Instrumentation department, of which I’ve had very limited experience (I’ve mostly been working in Electrical)
  • During previous visits to Perth, God has connected me with Aflame Community Church, which Rev Dr Kevin Conner has founded (
  • Priority – find a mentor, most likely Jimmy Goh (the pastor)
  • Who knows? A friend mentioned I might be on my way to planting churches in Perth…

The ones in BOLD are the top items which are strongly pulling me either way.  From the time I started looking for work, I’ve prayed for God to use me in the best way possible – “to place me wherever He wants me to be so I can be most effective in serving Him.”  Please note that this is not confirmed yet within management here… the Regional Engineering Manager is still trying to confirm with my boss (Chief Electrical Engineer) before giving me the formal offer.  If the Chief says no, then that would make the decision for me… but if he gives me the option of going, then I’m back at the crossroads.

I see God’s favour in either path, which makes it a harder decision.  Really seeking in earnest for God’s peace in the decision making.  Love to hear your thoughts on this matter…

God bless,




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