Posted by: sammerz | 16 October, 2008

T minus 10

With only 10 days to go, I sent an email out with the official proposal schedule:

Email Title: G9+1 [TOP SECRET – do not disclose]

Dear all!

WARNING: View attachments in PRIVATE ONLY!!

It is only 10 days away!!! Thanks for all your support during this time! Just a reminder to please continue keeping this a secret. Please do not discuss this Operation in public – you never knoww how keen and sharp people’s ears are!!! Someone mentioned that secrets can be revealed just by reading people’s faces hahaha!! So yeah, I know it’s hard to keep a big secret, but may I encourage you all to persevere!

In case you’re wondering about the subject heading, I’ve added one more to the original Group of 9. The following list does not allow you to openly discuss amongst other members of the Group, but merely so that you know who’s in the know:

1. Thin-Siew Leong – my Dad
2. Wei-Fong Leong – my Mum
3. Samuel Leong – me!
4. Isaac “Zack” Leong – my bro
5. Elisha “Eggs” Leong – my bro
6. Ben Chia – accountable
7. Annie Chia – accountable
8. James Kok – best friend and accountable
9. Lee-Mei Pang – James’ girlfriend
10. Elaine Gan – graphics designer for SGS and awesome friend

Elaine has helped me in designing a logo for an SGS blog which will be made live after the proposal. Thanks Elaine!
There is nothing there at present, however you may have a visit:

Please join me in praying for good weather – clear sky and dry ground (at least for that morning, between 7:30am and 9:30am), and also for God’s favour on Steph and me.

Attached is a powerpoint slideshow of how Operation Weinberger is going to take place – please view in private only. (Hehe – Ben please watch out for sticky-beaks in the Oxygen office!!)

Thanks for all your encouragement and support – and let’s make these one of the rare occasions that a surprise actually works!!! ^_^

One more thing – please don’t call/SMS before noon (Melbourne time) on that day!!!! ^_~

God bless!!!

Click here for the Operation: Weinberger info!


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